Selected Work & Other Ephemera

In October 2017, My Ear Is A Sieve was published by Bottlecap Press.

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Selected Poems from "...Sieve"

"Lucid" (The Poetry Annals) is available as a free PDF download. View it here.

Cover image for "Lucid" by Shekinah Vera-Cruz.

Check my blog for a dream log that is currently on hiatus.

Below are some links to other more-recently published work:

"Proprioception" (Dream Noir, 2019).
"Should I Sit Down" (Dream Noir, 2019).
"When Wading Knee-Deep In The Ocean" (8 Poems, 2019).
"Hovering" (Indicia, 2019).
"Last Night I Dreamt" (Last Exit, 2018).
"Tracks" (The Bookends Review, 2018).
"First Flight" (Ghost City Press, 2018).
"Trees" (Noble / Gas Qtrly, 2017).
"December"/"Time" (The Wire's Dream, pp. 19 & 40, 2017).
"Ancient Burial Ground"/"Knowledge"/"When I see my wife..."/"Fracture"/"Oil Spill" (Rising Phoenix Review, 2017).
"Eat At..."/"Phenomena" (L'Ephemere Review, 2017).
"In Istanbul, 2013" (Rise Up Review, 2017).

And, along with my poems in the 3rd issue of The Wire's Dream, I was also interviewed by the publication! Check out the transcript here.

Here's a link to, a beer blog in which I sporadically contribute.